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Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Disney princess elsa from frozen

So I watched frozen for the first time on Sunday and I loved it!!! More to the point I loved princess elsa!! 
I loved how it teaches us that our true love doesn't have to be a man it can be your family. It made me appreciate my sisters that little bit more. 

I decided to recreate her hairstyle and makeup look. 

To achieve the makeup look I used the following: 

Mac pigment in - push the edge
Mac pigment in - vanilla 
Maybelline gel liner 
Eyelashes - ardell Demi wispies 

Mac studio fix fluid - nw13 
Mac pressed powder -light 
Sleek contour pallet -light 
Mac blusher - petal power 
Mac highlighter - soft n gentle 
Mac fix plus spray to set everything. 

Look beauty lipstick - toffee cup 
L.a colour gloss - Popsicle dream 

For the hair i back combed the top of my head and then I clipped in my foxy locks extensions in colour caramel ( I half coloured them to match my hair. ) 

Once placed I back combed the front of my hair ( around the face. ) I placed my rollers in this section and lightly sprayed with hairspray. 

I then done a scalp braid taking thick sections. Once braided and pulled out at the root to create more volume. I then took my rollers out and back combed some more and sprayed in place. 

I hope this has helped let me know some of your designs for frozen :) 

#frozen #disney #disneyprincess #elsa 

Tuesday, 25 March 2014

Bronze shimmer

Thought I would share with you my bronzer shimmer look I done today!! 

Seeing as summer is approaching soon I thought why not do a nice summer look for you guys :) 

To create this look I used: 

Mac prep n prime stick in lightboost 
Mac fix fluid foundation in nw13 
Look beauty Hollywood bronzer 
Mac petal power blusher 
Mac soft n gentle highlighter 
Mac fix plus spray
Front cover baked powder in brickbat 
Mac pigment just before dawn 
Maybeline gel liner 
Loreal telescopic mascara 
Look beauty toffee cup lipstick 

Okay to start this look I primed and moisturised as usual. I tend to do my eyes first then my face but you can do which ever way round you feel comfortable with.

I sprayed my brush with fix spray from mac before pressing into my eyeshadow. It makes it extra pigmented and easy to apply and set. I cover my whole lid with 'brickbat' from front cover. I then use my mac pigment in shade 'just before dawn' and apply on the outer corner of my eye and blend blend blend!! Then applied maybeline gel liner with a couple coats of loreal mascara. 

Once the eyes are done I spray the mac fix spray over them to set. 

So moving to the face. I used mac prep n prime stick under my eyes and up towards my upper cheekbones. I then used mac fix fluid foundation all over. Taking my contour brush I used my look beauty bronzer under my cheekbones, jawline and outlined my nose. I then applied my mac blusher on the apples of my cheeks. I love shimmer and glitter so I always highlight my cheekbones, today I used mac soft n gentle on my cheekbones and under the brow. 

To soften the look I used a natural nude lipstick. I used my ultimate fave toffee cup from look beauty. I tend to use a lip balm underneath for that extra moisture. 

I hope you all enjoy this summer look and let me know what you think :) 

Makeup tutorial ... Which one?!

These are three of my fave makeup looks I was thinking of doing a look like one of these and re-creating it on myself and post products Ect on here. 

I need you guys help... Which one shall I re-create?!? Comment below please 

Look beauty haul

Afternoon tangled head it's been a while since I last blogged but I have been soooo busy with work!! 

I wanted to share with you my new faves and sadly enough it's all going to be discontinued :( 

All these goodies are from look beauty which is available at superdrug. Right now it is all half price but trust me it's worth getting before they get rid of it all!! 

I brought at the weekend a few things from there range: 

Holiday glow bronzer in Hollywood shade 1 
Skin fix it in shade light 
Loud lips lipstick in shade 4 toffee cup 

Holiday glow: 

I see it there for half price and instantly fell in love!! It's like a golden glittery bronzer it's beautiful. I have used it everyday I love it that much. It's lovely for a good contour or even a summery glow. I'm Defo going to be picking up a couple more before they are all gone. 10/10

Skin fix it: 

This pallet involves foundation, concealer and highlighter. To be honest I brought it to add to my kit. All three are cream textures. I tried it and loved it. I didn't use the foundation as a foundation I used it to highlight areas on my face it blended lovely. The concelear isn't the best to cover BUT it is good to put over the top of foundation somehow it looks more natural and not so cakey? and it sits well under the eyes. The highlighter is a pale pink shimmer. I was abit unsure due to it being creamy but wow I was mistaken!! I love it. I put it just under my eyebrows, bridge of nose and on my cheekbones. It's a lovely shimmer.  8/10

Loud lips lipstick: 

My faveourite ever lipstick is toffee cup!!! No matter what I go back to it all time. I prefer it to mac and that's saying something!!! It's a soft creamy beige pink colour. It goes on lovely!! I put my vitamin e lip balm underneath for extra moisture then apply the lipstick. I can't explain how much I love it it's just the perfect texture, colour and affordable. I will be gutted when they discontinue it I gave 3 to keep me going but need to stock up :( you won't be disappointed with this one. 10/10 

I'm not sure if superdrug are planning to revamp it with new packaging rather than get rid of completely but I hope they do keep it :( 

Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Mac fix plus, volcanic ash exfoliate and limited edition blusher from fantasy of flowers. Review:

Afternoon tangled heads! 

I'm so so pleased to write this review for you as I am very chuffed with these purchases. 

I will start with the mac plus spray: 

I been dying to test this for ages!! Pay day arrived and I thought I am definatly getting this! For some reason my face goes so oily when I wear foundation. Even with primer and matte powder to set it. I heard it was good before you apply makeup and after to set it all into place. I also heard its brilliant to set glitter. 

So I used this yesterday and today. I applied my primer then the spray I let it set before applying my foundation and powder. Once applied I sprayed the fix plus and let it set. I found my skin looks so refreshed and it set my makeup perfectly. It says top up if needed but I haven't once needed too! I love it. It leaves a lovely soft finish and I'm surprised I haven't brought it sooner! 

I also applied this to my eyeshadow brush then put loose glitter on my brush and applied to me eyes. It stayed put, no glitter fell onto my face and it didn't sink into my creases which normally happens. 

I must say I am very impressed with this product. 

Volcanic ash exfoliator:
I heard this was meant to wonders for your skin. I got a sample from mac and was impressed with it. My skin felt super soft and amazing. 

I have used this twice now before bed and moisturise after as normal and I have noticed a huge difference already. Especially in my makeup my face books so smooth I love it. 

If you buy it don't go too mad with it like over use it! 1-3 times a week is enough!! 

Petal power mineralize blush: 

I was soooo surprised when I ordered my order from Mac Pro to see this product. Online it was out of stock and in shops. I was so desperate to find it. When I rung up they said there's a few left in the warehouse and she said its 50/50 if I get it or not. And I got it!! 

It's from their new range fantasy of flowers and it's just the most beautiful blusher in the world.

It's a lovely shade of pink with gold glitter specs in. I was sold to it immediately!!! I love glitter and this was just perfect for me. 

It looks lovely on and I'm so greatful that I have it. If you get your chance to pick one up you will not be disappointed. 

Happy shopping mac lovers :) 


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Monday, 24 February 2014

Barbie mac collection

So for this makeup inspiration I opted for the ultimate barbie!! 

I was excited when this range came out from mac. I was so gutted I didn't get any from the collection as I couldn't afford any mac makeup :( 

I tried to create this look using other mac pigments as I obviously had nothing from this range. 

So for this look I used mac on my eyes:

I used glided green pigment on my lid and under my lower lash line. 
I used pinch o peach blusher on brow bone 
I used most darling pigment on my crease 

I love the colour contrast from the green to the pink. I love how girly the makeup is and how bright it is. I love barbie and anything pink so I thought I just had to give this a go!! 

Let me know what your thoughts are or if there is any looks you would like me to create